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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Safety on Facebook

Things to do to improve your safety on Facebook.

1. Utilize the limited profile list. This list is a group of Facebook friends who are only allowed to see limited aspects of your profile. To add friends to this list, go to the top of your profile. You’ll see a tab that says “friends.” After you click on that tab, you’ll see a tab under the right entitled “friend lists.” Click on the tab that says “limited profile.” There will be a box to type in the names of friends you would like to add to that list.

2. Change the privacy settings on your profile. You can control just how much of your profile your friends (and people in your networks) can see. When you sign onto Facebook, you will see a set of tabs in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the tab marked “privacy.” Then click on the tab marked “profile.” From there, you will able to limit access to aspects of your profile, such as status updates, photos tagged of you, list of friends and your wall. On each feature, there will be drop-down menu to limit your profile to your networks, friends of friends or friends. From there, you can also customize your privacy settings. You can add individuals by name or add your limited profile list.

3. Change the privacy settings on the search feature. Under the privacy page, there is also a feature marked “search.” From there, you can control who can search for you and how you can be contacted. Under the search feature, there is a drop-down box that lets you decide who can search for you (everyone, networks, friends or friends, or just friends). Additionally, you can adjust your privacy settings for those who can’t see your profile. You can decide who sees your picture and your friends list, who can send you messages and who can add you as a friend.

4. Change the privacy settings on your Facebook applications. To control who sees your Facebook applications, go to the applications column on the left hand side. Click the tab marked “edit.” There, you’ll be taken to the applications menu. From there, you can control who sees each application and whether the application shows up on Facebook news feeds. You can even remove an application, if necessary.

5. Use common sense. There are many reasons to protect your safety on Facebook. Like anywhere on the Internet, you just never know who’s out there and whether they’re lying about who they are. I usually leave my profile open to people in my school network, but I use the privacy settings everywhere else. While Facebook is a valuable way to stay in touch with friends (and to network with new people), it pays to protect your safety. When all else fails, trust your instincts.

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by Tina Molly Lang

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