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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Child Protection- 10 Ways you can help

Here is a list of ten things you can do to help with Child protection.

1. First or all you should try to learn more about child protection and child sexual abuse. I will provide links to point you in the right direction later on.

2. Do all you can to prevent predators approaching our children in organisations and on-line.

3. You can raise awareness about child abuse by telling friends family and work colleges. Even send them an email.

4. When overseas, keep your eyes open for foreigners exploiting children. Report them to the local authorities or your embassy.

5. Speak up if you know of a child that is being abused. Give someone a call to people trained in child protection. Like Child Wise

6. Volunteer some of your time to charities supporting child protection.

7. Be diligent with organization, clubs, sporting groups or tutors that have care of your children. Find out more about them. See if the staff or group leaders have the appropriate qualifications or authorization to work with children.

8. Even ask your school or childcare centre about their child safe practices.

9. Remember you have a great network out there. Your websites, social pages like Facebook and those of your friends and colleagues. Spread the word and the information.

10.Distribute the Child Wise “ Don’t let child abuse travel” postcards throughout your social and business networks. You could even ask your travel agent to stock them.

Child Wise is an Australian charity that puts a great deal of time and money towards child protection in Australia and overseas.
Finally you could put a link to on your email, website or social page. Like these supporters.

Add a link to to show your support for Child Protection and the prevention of Child Abuse.

Supporters of Child Wise.

Sports Injury Clinic.
Sports Injury Clinic treating all manner of sport injuries. Supporting Child Wise by placing a link on their Latest News page.

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