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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Child abuse and the Internet. Child protection

Atricle by Janet Stanley. Child abuse prevention issues.

"The past decade has seen rapid development and exponential growth in the use of electronic, computer-based communication and information sharing via the Internet, particularly across the Western world. Clearly there are many benefits that result from Internet usage, but until recently there has been little recognition of the dangers that may also result from the use of such technology. There is now growing evidence that the Internet is a new medium through which some commonly recognised forms of child maltreatment, sexual and emotional abuse, may be pursued.

In this paper the relationship between child abuse and the Internet is explored, in particular: child sexual exploitation; children's exposure to sexually explicit or offensive material; and the use of the Internet by paedophiles to legitimise, reinforce and facilitate their sexual activities. Current efforts to prevent Internet-related child abuse are described. These can be broadly categorised as: the monitoring and criminal prosecution of offenders; community education; the restriction of children's access to offensive material on the Internet; and the regulation of the Internet industry. The paper concludes with a series of recommendations for further action."

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